Yogic   Massage is one of the most subtle arts. It is founded upon love and guided by feeling.  A loving touch releases relaxation throughout the body, creating a profound harmony of body and spirit.  The massage is needed in the world, because love has weakened. Massage can renew the world with love and energy.

Ayurveda is one of the oldest science systems in the world, dating back to around 4,000 BC.  Ancient Sanskrit texts first discuss its practice, which embraces diet, herbs, aromas and massage. The name ayurveda means science of longevity.  It deals with the art of harmonizing the body, mind and spirit, restoring balance on the physical, mental and emotional levels; and opening a space for healing to happen from within. In the East, massage techniques have always been valued for their healing applications. According to Ayurveda, massage promotes perfect health: that harmonic balance of the individual on all levels, including integration with the environment and joyful connectedness with the cosmos.