Chavitti Thirumal

Chavitti thirumal is a traditional medical treatment prevailing in Kerala one of the southern state in India. It is an equalent to” kalari” the oldest form of therapy, by this we can arrange the tissues on a regularized system. it can also to regularize the activities in a common way .this is a fundamental theory which controls the movement of body nerves and physical pressure .the complicated nerve system can be regularize by giving special body exercise to maintain very constant preservation is main gain .more over the  blood circulation can  be regularize by giving extending  oxygen in all parts of the body and the remove  the bodily wastage , so as to remove the internal wastage and thus to get rid of the  diseases ,wounds, and sudden attack.

  This chaviti thirumal give more energy and enthusiasm and make an antibiotic effect on body and thus it can remove the pain and it will increase the digest energy .this can be achieved very easily by thirumal chikitsa. To have hardy constitution of our bodily by this It is very easy for us to have dancing, martial art and bodily easiness. in our society we the people follow it as a custom and manners , heart attack , rheumatism the acute pain in neck and back bone  can be avoided  by  this chaviti thirumal to the strengthen our nerves system and blood circulation this thirumal system highly essential .

Though who are interested in sports this thirumal highly helpful to increase the mental capacity and courage activities to remove in efficiency our blood circulation and remove the sediments to remove the diseases connected which cough and minimize the body fat this thirumal is highly un avoided to remove the tiredness and mental depression this thirumal is very un avoidable.

Having no diseases all illness person receives thirumal it will give more energy to eyes, ear and skin thus to maintain the youth and increase the long life.