Welcome to Indian Yoga Art 

We offer residential courses for beginners as well as advanced practitioners of yoga.

Welcome to Indian Yoga Art 

We provide yoga therapy training to the people with psychosomatic diseases like Asthma, Nasal Allergy, Arthritis, Hyper tension, Heart diseases, Migraine,

Welcome to Indian Yoga Art 

We offer a four weeks intensive course on 'yoga therapy Instructor's Course' for yoga teachers and the people from therapy field.

About Us

It is a group of ancient Indian traditional healing system, known as way of natural living. It is signifies the treatment of disease with natures resources - such as fresh air (breath), pure water, sunlight, proper exercises, timely sleep (relaxation) and natural diet. Our people is getting weaker day by day. Diseases are increasing in number and are becoming more sever in type. New Diseases appearer and swell the number of those which defy diagnosis and treatment . The average length of life is shrinking.


Yoga Therapist

Yogacharya Arshad, he is living in Trivandrum, capital city of Kerala. He has practiced yoga therapy from Vivekananda Kendra in Bangalore, yoga teacher training course and yoga advanced teacher training course from sivananda in Neyyardam, Ayurvedic chavitty thirummal massage and ayurvedic physiotherapy completed from chaithanya Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala, Kalari payattu practiced from puthooram Kalari from Kerala.

Our Courses

Yoga Therapy

Yoga has immense potential in managing various common ailments like arthritis, allergy, asthma, back-pain, hypertension etc


Yogic Massage is one of the most subtle arts. It is founded upon love and guided by feeling. A loving touch releases relaxation throughout the body

Chavitti Thirumal

Chavitti thirumal is a traditional medical treatment prevailing in Kerala one of the southern state in India. It is an equalent to” kalari”


To a yogi there are two main functions of proper breathing to bring more oxygen to the blood and thus to the brain and to control prana or vital energy leading to control of the mind Pranayama


More and more doctors are prescribing meditation as a way to lower blood pressure,improve exercise performance in people with angina, help asthmatics breath easier

Yoga Course

Yoga is a system of exercises for the physical and mental well being.It combines stylized poses with deep breathing and meditation.The term yoga is itself derived from a Sanskrit word meaning to join together.

Nature Cure System


Naturopathy believes

The nature cure movement started in Germany with the "water cure "(hydrotherapy.The credit of making water cure famous goes to Vincent Priessnitz (1799-1851),who was farmer. Naturopathy believes that nature is the greatest healer and the body has the capacity to prevent itself from diseases and regain health.The treatment can include consultations on lifestyle and diet. The nature cure advocates the practice of drugless therapies like massage , physiotherapy acupuncture, acupressure,and Nuero muscular wave therapy
( relaxation therapy) from tradition of south India..

Why RFT wins?

It is about your fitness , your health and your will be fitter and slimmer,and you will know how to manage your own maintenance program that will serve you for the rest of your life.Because exercise is for life. It is not a short term cure, you have to work at it.