How Massage Works
Ayurvedic yogic massage incorporates stimulating touch and strong deep tissue work. It uses strokes with the hands and feet to help release tensions from the muscles and joints. Stretches based on Yoga open the body and allow the prana, the vital energy, to follow more freely. In this way another level of depth is added to the work which directly aligns the bones and creates space and flexibility at the very core of the physical body. Because muscles attach close to the joints, this method affects them at their points of origin and insertion. It is one of the most effective ways to release blocks, relax the muscles and align the body. The combination of deep massage work and full lengthening of the muscles through stretching is one of the specialties of this massage.

Ayurvedic yogic massage also stimulates the body’s immune system. The technique of massaging towards the heart supports a meditative quality and improves the flow of pranic energy throughout the body. Ayurvedic massage can bring fluidity and vitality back to the body. It can relieve chronic tension (neck, shoulders, lower back and joints), improve the circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems, and bring awareness to old habits and holding patterns in the body. It reduces stress and releases the mind, creating a sense of well being.

Massage works through the skin, the organ of touch and the largest organ of the body. In Ayurvedic massage, vital points known as ‘marma’ are stimulated. Also, many different types of natural oils are used according to the person’s type: Vata (air) Pita (fire) Kapha (earth or water). These specially selected oils and the marma stimulation work to strengthen the vital energy, supporting the body to balance and heal itself.

The Benefits of Massage
The human body is the greatest mystery in existence. What appears on the surface is most apparent and least significant. On the other hand, what happens within the energy system is most significant and least apparent. Through massage, you will learn to understand your own body and your own energy and its functioning more deeply. This can help you in your inner growth.

Massage is the most ancient technique used for relieving pain. Still a valid and thriving art in most regions of India, and in particular Kerala, Abhyanga is used to manipulate and correct dosha (disorders), especially of the vata kind, to cure orthopedic injures, to relieve swollen tissues, and to promote regeneration of the body tissues and organs as well as the internal functioning of the body . Moreover, massage stimulates skin, muscles, veins, arteries, the circulatory system and the nervous system. It improves the skin, strengthens the lungs, intestines and bones and regulates the digestive system. Massage increases bodily heat and the flow of life-supporting oxygen. As it improves circulation, it causes the body to flush out its waste products more efficiently. Promoting vitality, strength, stamina and flexibility, Abhyanga also improves concentration, intelligence, confidence, esteem and youthfulness.

Foot Massage
Foot massage is a simple and most revitalizing sadhana for maintaining good health. According to Ayurveda, many marma points for the body’s vital organs are located on the soles of the feet. (Foot massage) Pada Abhyanga not only invigorates and renews the entire body but also encourages its natural volume of flow. A peaceful night’s rest and a steady calm during daily activity are assured after the feet are thoroughly massaged.

Head Massage
Shirobhyanga (head massage) increases the flow of cerebrospinal fluid thus strengthening the nervous system. This massage balances the pituitary and pineal glands, the eyes, lungs, heart and brain. The colon and stomach also become toned as a result.

Chest Massage
Massage to the chest stimulates the heart, increases circulation, stimulates the capillaries of the blood and vascular system, tones the liver and spleen, increases prana, stimulates the lungs and dislodges mucus accumulation.

Foot and Leg Massage
This massage stimulates all the organs of the body and increases ojas. It promotes deep relaxation, inducing a sense of total wellness in the entire system. Massaging the legs energizes the belly, pelvis and colon. It improves circulation and fertility and cures numbness.

Arm and Hand Massage
Our hand is one of our five organs of action. Energetically speaking, we hold the five elements on the tip of our fingers. Hand massage stimulates our deep cognitive memories while energizing the tissues and organs of the body. Massaging both the hands and arms increases flexibility and refreshes the energy of the whole body.

Special belly Massage
At the centre of the belly and body is the navel, a phenomenal base of energy. Abdominal massage helps to move stagnant energy and revitalize this basic life source, inducing profound feelings of wellbeing. Physically, the special belly massage performed in Abhyanga therapy tones the stomach, improves digestion and relieves constipation. It also improves circulation and fertility and helps uproot toxins from the body.

For a personal experience of the profound benefits of Ayurvedic massage, please book a session with me. I am ready to serve your needs and channel healing energy into your life.