This ancient health and fitness practice provides both physical and mental considers aging as largely an artificial condition , caused mainly by autointoxication of self poisoning .By keeping the body parts clean and well lubricated , cell deterioration can be greatly reduced .To get the maximum benefits of yoga one has to follow three main guideline  for example ; asanas , pranayama and yoga nidra
With the regular practice of asanas.We can control our cholesterol level, reduce weight , normalize blood  pressure and improve cardiac performance.Asanas harmonize our mental energy flow by clearing any blockages in the subtle body , leading to mental equilibrium and calmness.

The practice of pranayama , the correct breathing technique , helps to manipulate our energies.most of us breath incorrectly ( only thoraciclly not using our abdomen ,thereby utilizing only half of our lung capacity )pranayama is a techniques here in re educates our breathing process , helps to release tensions and develop a relaxed state of mind . It balances our nervous system,reduces the need for sleep and encourages creative thinking.Increasing oxygen to our  brain.improves mental charity , alertness and physical well being.

Yoga nidra is a form of meditation .Performed while lying on the back in the savasana  pose .It relaxes the physiological and psychological systems.This technique completely rejuvenates the body and mind.yiga giving a sense of well being