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Nuero Muscular Therapy
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Welcome to Indian Yoga Art

We Care and Encourage Every Single  Person has Their Well being Life as their own Origin Right

Here is a home of integrated ancient Indian traditional healing systems which will inspire you to live a life with a lot of ways of natural living. You can learn many kind methods of health maintaining and disease treatments with natural resources – such as fresh air, pure water, sunlight, proper body exercises, self relaxation, and proper of food dietary guidelines,etc.

About Dr Arshad

Dr.Arshad was born in a traditional Vaidya family. He has experienced in treating many people of all ages and many culture backgrounds from all over the world. His work includes both of the treatment of serious diseases and injuries as well as the maintenance of general health care.

The Ayurveda had been practised within Arshad’s family for many centuries ago. The knowledge had been handed down through his family for several generations. One of the family’s most specialisations is the science of the Nuero Muscular Wave Therapy.

Neuro Muscular Therapy

Relaxation fitness therapy ( nuero muscular wave therapy ) Physical inactivity is harmful to health , physical activity is beneficial to a good health with maintaining the flexibility of our muscles. It is very important for all range of ages. Physical Relaxation is a natural activity and health promoting. Arshad Badarudeen developed a RFT (Relaxation Fitness Therapy) of life maintenance scheme.It is safest and best form of exercises . An Ideal way for developing long term cardiovascular fitness and improving respiratory efficiency. it will be a perfect activity for weight loss by burning away fat and unwanted calories.A perfect technique for conditioning the hips, thighs and stomach muscles. It is a great way to bear stress positive approach for an healthy body and mind.

It is believed that man or a man-like creature lived in our earth a million years ago, although life in its abundant forms existed even earlier than man. It is not clear as to how and when man came into being. According to the theory of evolution, he is the descendant of an ape, a gorilla or a monkey. But by learning to stand erect, which enabled him to make his hands free for doing many delicate jobs; he has progressed a lot and has left other animals, far behind, in the process of development.

What Ayurveda says about the role of food in maintenance of vigorous health?
There is an interesting and important episode described in the text of Ayurvedic Medicine while discussing with Rishi punarvasu -the author of “charak Samhita “ ,some Vaidyas ( Ayurveda doctors )raised the query “Ko ruka ?”( meaning who does not fall ill?)” somebody said-one who eats chyavanaprash every morning.”who takes Lavan Bhaskar and thriphala regularly”Said some others.



Ayurveda is thousands of years old science of life and longevity having its roots in India. The word Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word.



Ayurveda recognises that all living and non living things are composed of Panchamahabhut or five basic elements of the entire creation.

chavitti Thirummal

Chaviitti thirummal

Chavitti thirumal is a traditional medical treatment prevailing in Kerala, one of the southern state in India. .

Yoga and its benifits

Yoga is a system of exercises for the physical and mental well being.It combines stylized poses with deep breathing and meditation.The term of yoga is itself derived from a Sanskrit word meaning to join together.The ultimate aim in yoga is connecting the human soul with the universal spirit .Yoga was developed about five thousand years ago.The first written description was found in yoga sutras;attributed to patanjali .

A lot of doctors prescribe that meditation as a way to make a lower blood pressure,improve exercise performance in people with angina, help asthmatics breath easier , relieve insomnia and generally ease the everyday stressed life. Meditation is a safe and simple way to make a balance of personal’s physical, emotional and mental states.The concepts of meditation works principles is that when the mind in calm and focused on the present , it is neither reacting to memories from the past nor being preoccupied with plans for the future , those are two major sources of chronic stress that will bad impact to our health.

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