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Nueromuscular Therapy

Relaxation fitness therapy ( nuero muscular wave therapy ) Physical inactivity is harmful to health , physical activity is beneficial to a good health with maintaining the flexibility of our muscles. It is very important for all range of ages. Physical Relaxation  is a natural activity and health promoting. Arshad Badarudeen developed a RFT (Relaxation Fitness Therapy) of life maintenance scheme.It is safest and best form of exercises . An Ideal way for developing long term cardiovascular fitness and improving respiratory efficiency. it will be a perfect activity for weight loss by burning away fat and unwanted calories.A perfect technique for conditioning the hips, thighs and stomach muscles. It is a great way to bear stress positive approach for an healthy body and mind.

it an appropriate for young and old. Why RFT wins? It is about your fitness , your health and your will be fitter and slimmer,and you will know how to manage your own maintenance program that will serve you for the rest of your life.. It is a long life care . You have a right to be fit.And you have a right to good health and long life. It is the only your decision that can make the good changes  You may had  tried and failed with other exercise  but this time you will be going to succeed and becoming a winner. And to become a winner you have to accept responsibility for your own self .Only you are responsible for your health. Only you responsible for your pulse,your blood pressure ,your lungs , your body fat and your cholesterol level .But with  my little help you will soon learn how to over come inertia, how to mitigate yourself,how to be fit , how to keep your diet. This RFT will give you the right opportunity , the main impulse and key. its a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some down time.

Relaxation has a very important role in the body, both physically and mentally. Relaxation is a healing system, and our busy lives often prevent us from relaxing for our good health. In this workshop we are going to introduce an amazing relaxation technique based on ancient Indian traditional Neuro muscular wave therapy. It has a wide range of healing properties. It strengthens the nerves and muscles, it purifies the blood and gives more oxygen to the body, and it removes all kinds of body pain without any kind of medicine.

This is a rejuvenation therapy that is a whole body process which involves the simultaneous movement of the wave to remove the all kinds of blockages that interrupt our vital energy.( it is not a massage ) You will learn: How to lose weight naturally, without needing to go to a gym or have expensive medical procedures. Practical anti-ageing breathing techniques and how to increase positive energy in the body and mind. How to easily get rid of back, neck,shoulder pain and joint pain. You can experience posture alignment with out any expensive medical costs due to bad health. After just one session you will experience: A feeling of total lightness throughout the entire body. Rejuvenation mentally, physically and emotionally. An amazing connection between the mind and body and their relation to nature. This simple method is excellent for people of all ages, even up to 90 years old.

it is traditional marma  treatment system as well as it is very peculiar healing techniques.

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