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Yoga is a system of exercises for the physical and mental well being.It combines stylized poses with deep breathing and meditation.The term of yoga is itself derived from a Sanskrit word meaning to join together.The ultimate aim in yoga is connecting the human soul with the universal spirit .Yoga was developed about five thousand years ago.The first written description was found in yoga sutras;attributed to patanjali. According to patanjali within the human body there are channels called Nadi and centers called chakra.If there channels and centers are tapped,energy hidden in the body can be released .This energy is called kundalini .

Patanjali stated eight stages of yoga
1. Yama (the universal moral commandments )
2. Niyama( self purification through discipline)
3.asana (posture)
4.Pranayama (breath control)
5. Prathyahara (withdrawal of mind from external objects)
6. Dharana (concentration)
7.Dhyana ( meditation) and

8.Samadhi (state of super consciousness) Besides the different stages present in yoga,there are various forms of discipline touching different aspects of human life.These disciplines Include Hatha yoga( physical exercises).Gyan yoga or dhyan yoga ( exercise for the mind and intellect)and Karma yoga ( discpined actions in daily life.)

Benefits of Yoga

This ancient health and fitness practice provides both physical and mental considers aging as largely an artificial condition , caused mainly by autointoxication of self poisoning .By keeping the body parts cleanAnd well lubricated , cell deterioration can be greatly reduced .To get the maximum benefits of yoga one has to follow three main guideline for example ; asanas , pranayama and yoga nidra.With the regular practice of asanas.We can control our cholesterol level, reduce weight , normalize blood pressure and improve cardiac performance.Asanas harmonize our mental energy flow by clearing any blockages in the subtle body , leading to mental equilibrium and calmness.

The practice of pranayama , the correct breathing technique , helps to manipulate our energies.most of us breath incorrectly ( only thoraciclly not using our abdomen ,thereby utilizing only half of our lung capacity )pranayama is a techniques here in re educates our breathing process , helps to release tensions and develop a relaxed state of mind . It balances our nervous system,reduces the need for sleep and encourages creative thinking.Increasing oxygen to our brain.Improves mental charity , alertness and physical well being.Yoga nidra is a form of meditation .Performed while lying on the back in the savasana pose .It relaxes the physiological and psychological systems.This technique completely rejuvenates the body and mind yoga will be giving a sense of well being.

YOGA essentially is the science and art of gaining mystery over the waves of minds. Yoga helps to reduce the pace of the mind. When the mind is in a state of yoga, it is like a deep silent lake, clear, still and calm. We can see our true self, self-reflected in it.We experience the power inside us, which we can benefit to our life happiness in family life,relation,

profession or our over all health. Yoga balances the mind through the balancing of philosophical and analytical minds. A perfect functions which are made by the right & left-brains respectively.

Bhagavat Gita says “

“Sidhyasiddhyoh samo bhutwa Samatvam yoga Uchyate”- keeping a balanced mind in any situation (success or failure) .The Raja Yoga or Ashtanga yoga compiled by the sage Pathanjali in eight limbs and the Hatha yoga by sage Sathmarama together lead one to the highest state of mind-self realization (Samadhi). The ordinary people is in irrespective of race, religion, gender and age can utilize the tools of Raja yoga for a BETTER LIFE.

It is a complete science. It is a science of the mind, which can lead us beyond into a blissful states. Yoga was created for spiritual use in ancient times. In modern times people are applying yoga for preventing and treating illness of body and mind.

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