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Health and its Benifits

It is believed that man or a man-like creature lived in our earth a million years ago, although life in its abundant forms existed even earlier than man. It is not clear as to how and when man came into being. According to the theory of evolution, he is the descendant of an ape, a gorilla or a monkey. But by learning to stand erect, which enabled him to make his hands free for doing many delicate jobs; he has progressed a lot and has left other animals, far behind, in the process of development. The remarkable progress of man has been possible due to his superior intelligence and his ability to pass on effectively, his experiences and knowledge to other members of his spices. This transfer of knowledge could take place in four accepted methods of communication in the past, i.e.

•Body movements,
•Chemical communication through taste and smell,
•Speech or sound, and

Communication through taste and smell is common among animals. It is not clear as to when the use of speech or sound began in man but the use of writing dates back to around 5000 B.C. The earliest written records are Sumerian word pictures which date back to 3500 B.C. It is also known that writing appeared thousands of years after the use of spoken language.

The most universal and perhaps the oldest method of communication along the road of progress has been the use of body language or the method of communication through body gestures and movements. In the life cycle of man, body movements or physical activities come first, speech and writing appear later. Animals and human beings have been not only communicating, but also educating or influencing the behavior of their young ones through this method from very early times.

Several examples of how the young ones can be taught through body movement and intimation method can be found if we observe minutely how the animals teach important functions of life to their off springs. Learning hunting by animals and learning flying by birds, by observing and imitating the movements of their parents is a common practice that can be noticed easily. This age old of method of education through the medium of body movements has been termed as Physical Education in the modern world.

Aim of physical Education

We can conclude that the aim of education should be the achievements of a successful living. Aim of education reflects the philosophy of the times or the expectations of those times and therefore it may change from time to time. However according to the present day expectations from the system of education, the aim of education should be to Develop in each individual the knowledge, interests, ideals, habits and powers whereby he will find his place and use that place to shape both himself and society toward ever nobler ends. From this definition it becomes clear that the aim of education is to develop full potentials of an individual so that he may contribute to his own welfare and welfare of society.

The aim of physical education should be similar to the aim of education in order to demonstrate their intimate relationship. Therefore, the aim of physical education should be to influence the experiences of individuals in such way that each and every individual while performing his duties as a citizen should be able to satisfy his wants.

Modern Concepts of Physical Education

In the past physical education was viewed as only the pursuit of activities like running, jumping throwing of implements fighting and hunting etc. which are considered as survival insurance activities. With the passage of time, these activities became a source of entertainment, display of skill, strength and achievement.Physical education activities by promoting physical mental, moral and social development of individuals can surely contribute towards the achievement of the aim…

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