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Ayurveda recognises that all living and non living things are composed of Panchamahabhut or five basic elements of the entire , water , fire , air, and ether According to Ayurveda these five elements combinations constitute the three body types/Doshas , Vata -air and ether , Pitta -fire and Kapha -water .These two theories are the main source of Ayurveda Therapeutic Science.



Ayurveda advises undergoing Panchakarma at the climate change to both keep the string metabolism and body and mind detoxification .The process finds the way to the root cause of the problem and correcting the essential of mind,body ,and emotion balancing.

Panchakarma process is a highly effective way to clean the body that will be good impact to improving the digestion system, the metabolic process and clearing up the thought process as well .Basically Panchakarma is very important way in Ayurveda, as an effective curative process. Panchakarma is a group of five.

  • Ayurvedic remedies, they are Vamanam ( Emesis)
  • Virechanam(Purgation)
  • Vasti (Enema )
  • Nasya ( Nasal Application of herbal medicine )
  • Kayakalpa (renewal of body )
  • Shirodhara ( herbal head bathing )


It is a process of therapeutic vomiting ,which helps eliminate the toxic or waste matters from the stomach and thoracic cavity .

  1. Virechanam

It is for eliminating the toxic or waste matters from intestine.

  1. Vasti

This process of Vasti or therapeutic enema is restored the eliminate toxins from colon and strengthens the tissues.


Nasya is for instillation of medicine through nose , it is an important procedure of Ayurveda for the treatment of the sirorogas or disease affecting in head area. It helps to cure the asthma and cough



Medicare herbal oils or butter milks pouring in to the Anjana or between the eyebrow, this will help better sleep and cures blood pressure level and mental disorders.

6.Jaya Kalpa

Jaya kalpa literally means renewal of the body.this is a unique method of treatment both of the gross and subtle body that is useful to prolong the youthfulness and vigour in younger people,and also to reviving the vitality in old.

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