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Dr.Arshad was born in a traditional Vaidya family. He has experienced in treating many people of all ages and many culture backgrounds from all over the world. His work includes both of the treatment of serious diseases and injuries as well as the maintenance of general health care.


The Ayurveda had been practised within Arshad’s family for many centuries ago. The knowledge had been handed down through his family for several generations. One of the family’s most specialisations is the science of the Nuero Muscular Wave Therapy.

(a system of energy flow ). The knowledge and experiential practice of this therapy had been developing him as an expert in handling individual’s physical treatment in any conditions. Arshad was trained and mentored well by his grandfather, Vaidya Peeru Mohammed , a well known of traditional physician and marma guru.    He later developed on his expertise through studying the specific treatment method with some other Vaidyas and Gurus then.


Dr Arshad is a committed practitioner of natural  ways  holistic health  in his daily life. He built his beliefs and practices of some Indian ancient natural life health care behaviours from his childhood. He had  been doing  his disciplines of yogic sadhana life, to learn and train himself in practicing both of Ayurvedic and Yoga philosophies  as the main source wisdoms to guiding his well-being life. He had been expanding his dedication to share and serve his expertise to make every people aware, responsible and skillfull to maintenance, build and care  their amazing healthy life style and practice consistently many kinds of natural healing ways     He also had been certified his competence to be a natural healer facilitator and trainer from reputable Ayurveda and Advance Yoga Teacher certification in Kerala India, the city where he lives, a state of south India  that is known as god’s own country.

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